TAKA is a Japanese brand of washi products that mainly handled the collection of contemporary sumi artist Kiyotaka Horii. Offset printing of the work of Kiyotaka Horii on washi paper, and we are producing delicate washi paper bags.

Technology has overtaken traditional methods, and digital printings and machine-made papers have been mainstreams in the printing industry. TAKA wants to keep Japanese aesthetic and traditions alive and tell a lot of people the beauties of handcrafts.

「TAKA」は、現代美術墨作家のKiyotaka Horiiのコレクションを扱った、和紙製品ブランドです。手作りの和紙にKiyotaka Horiiの作品をオフセット印刷し、繊細な鞄類を制作しています。デジタル印刷や機械漉きの紙が主流の現代、失われていく技術と手仕事の美しさを伝えたいという思いから、2016年にブランドを立ち上げました。


Production Flow

(1) Artist work
The artist draws a picture on the selected Japanese paper.

(2) Production of product material
First, take a picture of the artist’s work. Than make a printing plate and print the picture on selected Japanese paper.

(3) Strengthen product materials
Make glue and apply to both sides of Japanese paper. After glue is dried, rub them by hand

(4) Sewing
Decide on product design form (tote bag, handbag, etc.) Sewing , inspection work, completion!

* In the case of one-of-a-kind products, the flow of (2) will disappear and we will use the original artist’s work as a product material.


* 1点ものの場合は、(2)のフローがなくなり、作家の和紙作品をそのまま商品素材として利用します。


Usage Precautions

■ This product is a craftwork made of Japanese paper material. Please handle carefully.
■ Though water resistant processing is applied, it is not waterproof. As it is paper, please be careful of excessive loads and handling. (Because it is paper, it may be torn.)
■ The inside of the bag is also made of Japanese paper. For this reason paper powder may stick to what you put in the bag.