Notebooks bound in Japanese style “Gendai-watoji”

Materials – Japanese paper, Cedar
Size – A5 (5.8×8.3 Inches)

“Watoji” refers to the Japanese traditional bookbinding format which uses twofold Japanese paper bound with threads. There are many kinds of Watoji such as Yamato-toji, Yotsume-toji, Asanoha-toji, etc.
Our Gendai-watoji® uses a special binding format with threads crossing on the spine. These products are manually and carefully made one by one so its production is limited. We hope Our Gendai-watoji® exudes the warmth of handmade products and touches your heart.

Usage note *Please note that some Inks spread or bleed through the paper. *The covers or threads possibly be out of position because it is manually made one by one. *These products are bound by threads. Please be careful so that the threads are not frayed or snapped.

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