Japanese paper accessories

TOP: These accessories are water-repellent.
MIDDLE: The process to make washi-de-asobe paper.
BOTTOM: The package of these accessories.


Our accessories are delicately made of Japanese paper with a transparent feel. Special techniques are used to create accessories for daily use from Japanese paper. Fluffy textures like puffs of dandelions are the characteristics of fibers of true Japanese paper. They are amazingly light which makes you forget about your wearing them.

Their shapes are formed by hand one by one to maximize the texture which is unique to Japanese paper. They are made to be water-resistant, so they are
not weak to rain and sweat. Titanium (pierced earrings) and resin (earrings) which are less likely to cause allergies are used.

Hand-drawn designs created by artists are printed on these products which are manually and carefully made one by one. So, none of them have an identical shape, color or pattern. Please accept such differences as tastes for hand-made products. We would appreciate it if you could feel a special
relationship with the particular one you purchase and receive from us.


Design : Shizuku (drop) – Houou (phoenix) design
Brand : washi-de-asobe
Colour: Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow
Type: Pierced earrings, Earrings


Design :  Mame (bean) – Kumo (cloud) design
Brand : washi-de-asobe
Colour: Brown, Blue, Red, Black
Type: Pierced earrings, Earrings



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